WORK | my brand.


this is the mood board i made in the process of my own rebrand.  lots of black and white, neutrals and gold, just how i like it.  i’m debating throwing in some color, but that’s yet to be determined.  branding my company has been a very slow process, mostly because i’m my worst critic.  but i’m working on it!!  every single day.  and can’t wait to do a grand launch.  here’s to hoping it’s sooner than later.  stay tuned!

*also…some people were asking me what a mood board was after the last mood board i posted, so to sum it up, it’s basically a collection of images, colors, and type to visually illustrate the general aesthetic/vibe of a company.  it helps in the branding process to create direction for the designer.  (i.e. the photo of the bottles does not literally have anything to do with my company, more so the composition/colors/simplicity of the photo…make sense?)

WORK | the wedding planner.

MimiNicoleMoodBoard1anow that freelancing design is my full-time gig, i am excited to start sharing my work up in these parts.  this particular mood board i created as the initial stage of rebranding the business of a truly talented wedding planner.  she has amazing style all around and i am so honored and excited to work on this project.  her aesthetic for her company is beautiful (think feminine, classic, organic, elegant, and whimsical) and she has been an absolute joy to work with!  can’t wait to share more!