in the beginning of november, we made a trip to hawaii for the first time since we moved to california in may! it felt so good to be back hanging with some of our best friends (like this crew and this gal) for one whole week. reis made up for lost time and surfed 3 times a day. seeing him so happy in his element really makes my heart so happy. we got pretty hooked up in the digs department and stayed in an incredible rental house on the beach next door to reis’ parent’s house. falling asleep and waking up to the sound of waves crashing is MAGICAL. i failed at taking my camera out more often and these photos are mostly just from one day that we camped out at gas chambers, my favorite beach in the whole wide world! we spent the majority of our days lounging (me in the sand, him in the water), hanging with friends, and eating at all of our favorite spots. hoping to be back soon!

*wearing my favorite mikoh swimwear top and my all time favorite bottoms by issa de’ mar

postcards from hawaii.


so this post is about a month late, but oh well, better late than never, right?
as soon as we found out we were moving to california, we made a bucket list of things we wanted to do in hawaii before we left.  that list included LOTS of beach time and visiting all of the touristy places that are easy to take for granted when you live there.  we visited the historical buildings and palaces downtown, drove up to the pali look out, ate aoki’s shaved ice, went on our favorite hikes, made stops all around the island, and spent every chance we could on the north shore.  i even surfed!  (well, tried anyways.  i think i’ve tried surfing 27 times and each time i’m pretty sure i just get worse.)  i’m usually the type to just post up on the beach, but i forgot how much i love being in the water!  especially hawaii water.  where you don’t have to wear a wetsuit year-round…which unfortunately is not the case in california.  looking at these photos of that perfectly teal water makes me bummed that i didn’t take advantage of being in the ocean more often!  these pictures also make me so grateful that i got to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world!  california will always be my favorite state, but there’s something really special about hawaii too.

kauai photo diary.

kauai7kauai21kauai12kauai13Jaymee + Reis Kauai TripJaymee + Reis Kauai Tripkauai15kauai16Jaymee + Reis Kauai Tripkauai10kauai9kauai18kauai19Jaymee + Reis Kauai TripJaymee + Reis Kauai Tripkauai20kauai11

a few days after reis’ graduation, i surprised him with a quick trip to kauai for his graduation present.  we had also been wanting to visit an outer island before we moved so the timing worked out really well.  i was there a few years ago to run the marathon but was wayyyy too tired to do much of anything besides lay by the pool once it was over.  we crammed A TON of stuff into our 2 day visit but had the best time and still relaxed quite a bit!  we made lots of touristy stops, but they were well worth it.  the first day we explored the west side of the island and the second day we adventured to the east and north side of the island.  we stayed at the sheraton resort in poipu on the south shore and enjoyed living the resort life for one night (we even got complimentary mai tais!).  kauai is breathtaking…it’s so lush and green and beautiful!  out of all of the places on the island, hanalei bay is hands down my favorite…to be honest, it is probably one of my most favorite places on this planet.  we have dreams of renting a house on the bay for a summer vacation once we have a little family of our own!

it was the perfect getaway.  i can’t wait to go back one day!

a graduation/farewell party.


last monday when my parents were in town, i threw reis a graduation party!  i also used it as an excuse to round up all of our good friends in one place one last time before we take off for california (next week!).  planning a party for a dude is quite the challenge.  i think i have a pretty good handle on planning girly soirees, but this one had to feel more manly.  i went with a kraft/black/gold color scheme and am pretty happy with how everything turned out.  our good friends kezia and ashton hosted the party in their amazing backyard on the north shore up in pupukea and it could not have been more perfect!  thanks kezia for ALL of your help too!  i kept the decor pretty simple and tried to be resourceful about what i did use.  good thing my friend natalie drinks sparkling water multiple times a day because she gave me 3 trash bags full of bottles that i spray painted gold (thanks nat!).  i’m also so thankful for my mama who used precious suitcase room to bring out the black tablecloths and the gold M.D. balloons from our ever-growing party/wedding/event decor stash in california.

i only managed to snap a few pictures because it started raining right after we set the tables and the kraft placemats and tablecloths got pretty soaked.  boo.  we had beautiful weather once it stopped raining and we had such a good time spending sweet time with our friends and family!


of course my favorite part of planning parties is always the design aspect.  invites, menu cards, favors…i love it all!  i wanted the menu cards to look stamped, but it wouldn’t be very cost effective to get individual stamps made, so i just designed them to look stamped and printed them myself.  i also wanted to tie a very subtle hint of “doctor” into the party (without it being too cheesy or having stethescopes as the centerpieces) so i decided on mini prescription bags filled with candy for pills.  i played off of the Rx thing and turned it into reis’ initials and included a [definitely cheesy] prescription on how to cure “reis-withdrawals.”  thanks to my sis for her creative wording!


thanks to all of our friends who came out to celebrate with us!  we will miss everyone so much!

WALLS | our humble honolulu abode.

Jaymee + Reis' Honolulu Cottage

i’m really glad i took these photos last week because since then our house has been turned upside down, inside out, and looks like clothes and boxes threw up everywhere.  we are in the middle of packing and ouy, it’s one big mess over here.

anyways, i’m excited to finally share some pics of our [very] humble abode since it will no longer be ours in less than 2 short weeks (so sad!).  our place is tiny, but i love it so much…mostly because it’s been our first place as husband and wife and making a home together has been so much fun!  we live underneath the main house in a one bedroom and have an incredible view of the ocean.  this house for sure has its quirks (i.e. our bedroom is actually just a giant hallway from the living room to the kitchen), but it also has so much charm (those windows!!!).  we’ve definitely had to get creative with the layout.  we have way more furniture than what comfortably fits in this space for practical reasons as well as the fact that my office is also our dining room and our living room.  i’m not really sure what our style is…kind of an eclectic mix i guess?  most everything in this house is a random find from a garage sale, craigslist, or it was picked up for free on the side of the road (like my desk and our dresser!).  while i’m excited that we are purging or selling just about everything and starting with a clean slate in california, i’ve grown a bit attached to our home and its quirky character.  it breeds the homebody in me because i just love being at home.

Jaymee + Reis' Honolulu CottageJaymee + Reis' Honolulu CottageJaymee + Reis' Honolulu CottageJaymee + Reis' Honolulu CottageJaymee + Reis' Honolulu CottageJaymee + Reis' Honolulu CottageJaymee + Reis' Honolulu CottageJaymee + Reis' Honolulu CottageJaymee + Reis' Honolulu Cottageour bedroom gets the best natural light and wakes me up every morning!  our pillow is also special because we got it on our honeymoon in italy.Jaymee + Reis' Honolulu CottageJaymee + Reis' Honolulu CottageJaymee + Reis' Honolulu Cottagewe’re not big drinkers and cute bar carts are hard to come by, so i decided to utilize an industrial cart as a beverage cart and for more storage (we barely have any counter space)!  we get so much use out of this little corner whether we are blending smoothies, storing sparkling water for dinner parties, or making our morning coffee.

Jaymee + Reis' Honolulu CottageJaymee + Reis' Honolulu CottageJaymee + Reis' Honolulu Cottagei will miss you, little cottage.  you’ve been so good to us!




i featured morning glass a few weeks ago on walls and today i’m showing you their  “sister shop” (at least that’s what i call it), R+D.  i’ve been coming here with my friend nicky once a week for the past month or so to work since we both work from home.  i love coming here for the rad atmosphere, free wifi, and delicious food and drinks (which are the same as morning glass…their scones + sandwiches + stumptown = YUM).  plus, they have a bookstore at the front of the shop that sells the best kitchen and coffee table books ever.  i would probably buy almost every book on the shelves if my wallet would allow for it.  the whole cafe is a pretty hipster little joint and has abundant tables for working and good lighting (very important!).  i give it two thumbs up and encourage you to check out the rest of kaka’ako while you are visiting!  so many of the surrounding shops are new and really neat so you should take a little looksie!