DIY SEA SALT FACIAL SCRUB | JAYADORESDIY SEA SALT FACIAL SCRUB | JAYADORESDIY SEA SALT FACIAL SCRUB | JAYADORESi made these diy sea salt facial scrubs as favors for my sister’s baby shower and with valentine’s day right around the corner, i thought these would make a perfect last minute gift for your girlfriends! they are super easy to make and only require 2 ingredients: coconut oil (i used the jar from trader joe’s) and himalayan sea salt (from here). i ordered some hexagon glass jars, wooden spoons, and designed some round labels. all you do is melt the coconut oil over the stove for about 2 minutes and then mix it into a big bowl with the sea salt. you want the texture to be a bit gritty. i made the mistake of pouring the mixture while it was still warm into the jars and i don’t recommend that. it cools and hardens in there and then you have to re-melt it to get it out. let the mixture cool for a few hours while it’s still in the bowl and every half hour or so, comb through it with a fork so you get the texture as seen above. one 5 pound bag of the salt and one jar of the coconut oil yielded 25 4 oz jars. happy almost valentine’s day!




my sister and i have been spending a lot of time in the car lately. we’ve been filming some weddings up in northern california and with all of our equipment and side trips we like to take, it’s easier to drive than to fly. these are a few things that make the 9 hour drives much more enjoyable! p.s. how the heck did anyone get around pre-iphones + google maps? baffles my mind.

skargorn tank | seaworth coffee | sunnies | nikes



today i’m talking about money! when i first left the accounting world and started freelancing, it was a bit of an adjustment not having a steady paycheck conveniently deposited into my bank account every 2 weeks. it was so easy to know how much i was making from a certain project and to spend it before the client even paid me, not even thinking about taxes or savings. probs not the best idea. and because some months are better than others financially, it was hard not to justify a splurge-happy shopping trip in the months where i was making more than usual. so about a year ago i started treating myself like an employee of my own company and paying myself “paychecks” twice a month on the same days reis gets paid. it’s been working out quite nicely! i deposit all client checks to my business account, transfer about 20-30% to my business savings account for taxes and savings, then i pay myself the same amount twice a month. this has really helped me manage our finances (and save!!) because regardless of what i’m actually bringing in that month, i still get paid the same amount each month. any other freelancers out there have money management methods? i’m so interested!


SJ1b SJ2b SJ3ba few months ago i wrapped up a branding + website project for the talented samantha jovan (see the original mood board in this post!). she’s a photographer based out of northern california and was such a true gem to work with. her work is gorgeous and i love how she captures people + places through her lens. she also travels a lot and takes breathtaking photos along the way…and is basically the reason i’ve added iceland and the blue lagoon to my ever-growing bucket list :) i created a hand lettered logo for her and designed a new website to showcase her beautiful photos. take a look at the live site here!


Alex's Baby Shower Invites | JayAdores

this is a recent invite i designed for a hawaii themed baby shower! my client let me have complete creative freedom with these and i had so much fun with them. i love monstera leaves and was determined to incorporate them in some way. i’m so happy with how they turned out! they’re definitely some of my faves. more new work coming soon…i’ve been cranking out so much print work lately!

Alex's Baby Shower Invites | JayAdores




fancy grocery/kitchen/food stores always seem to have the most appealing food products with beautiful packaging. here are some discoveries that caught my eye!

1) i talk plenty about mcconnell’s ice cream on this blog…but i didn’t realize they sold the pints at whole foods until a few months ago! they rebranded a few years ago and i love their new packaging.

2) i recently came across seaworth coffee co. and tried their single fin sludge cold brew. it’s some good stuff. reminds me a bit of stumptown. the company was started by a few surfers in costa mesa that couldn’t find a decent cold brew in southern california so they set out to make their own. it’s always nice to support local!

3) yet another coffee product with good packaging. califia coffee products are definitely more of a sweet treat than straight iced coffee, but a glass for an afternoon pick me up does the trick.

4) i have yet to try this pizza crust from williams sonoma but that box calls my name every time i visit the store. reis and i eat/make pizza at least once a week and i would like to bring this crust into the rotation.


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