IMG_2687 IMG_2521 IMG_2661WALLSBROOKECASS_IMG_2550IMG_2619BWIMG_2664 IMG_2721WALLSBROOKECASS_IMG_2705*so i still have SO many photos of friends’ apartments/houses/spaces that i have yet to share on here! i kind of forgot about them until i recently was going through one of my hard drives and found so many gems! i’m pretty sure most spaces have since been rearranged, new furniture has been introduced, & some people don’t even live there anymore…but who cares, right?

today i’m sharing these photos that were taken over a year ago during one of our visits back to hawaii. our friends brooke & cassandra live on the north shore of oahu in the coolest little bungalow that feels like it’s in the middle of the jungle. i mean, just look what brooke gets to wake up to every morning! total dreamland. both of these gals are extremely talented + successful in their creative fields, brooke as a photographer, and cass a clothing designer/seamstress. they are also the founders of the popular lifestyle brand roam hawaii. their cozy home reflects their laid back lifestyle and i love how it feels so secluded from the rest of the world!

check them out here (fyi their feeds will probably make you want to go jump on a plane to hawaii and spend the day at the beach):



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