EDIT_0R3A1859EDIT_0R3A1645EDIT_0R3A1714EDIT_0R3A1680EDIT_0R3A1668EDIT_0R3A2944EDIT_0R3A1638EDIT_0R3A1929EDIT_0R3A2913EDIT_0R3A2076 EDIT_0R3A2776EDIT_0R3A2574bEDIT_0R3A2857 EDIT_0R3A2618 EDIT_0R3A3029EDIT_0R3A2376right before christmas, my whole family went on a little vacation up to lake tahoe. a lot of my favorite things were involved: my family, those ridiculously cute wee little babes, lots of coffee consumption, christmas music + movie watching galore, and lounging around with absolutely no agenda. the boys did a little snowboarding, the girls did some baking, we played in the snow…it was a grand ol’ time. waking up to mountains and trees covered in snow was also a major treat for this southern california/hawaii born bunch! two thumbs up for mountain getaways. thanks mom and dad, you guys are the best!

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