EDIT_0R3A3119 EDIT_0R3A2792 EDIT_0R3A3117EDIT3_0R3A2976EDIT_0R3A3173when i first discovered wellen women on instagram, i was instantly in love with their laid back, beachy, carefully curated brand. so when they reached out to me a few months ago and kindly sent me a skirt and shirt, i was super excited! not only do i love their clothes (currently eying this sweater + this tee) but their packaging is so good too! they have a team of incredible designers and hand letterers (including this insanely talented lady!) and everything from their mailing envelope to the rose gold foiled hang tags are perfection. they also sent these rad little buttons that i put in a ‘safe’ space so i wouldn’t lose them and guess what? i lost them. i promise they are super cute though.

if you remember this post where i talked about investing in some good loungewear to wear to the “office”, you know i love being comfortable 24/7. this maxi skirt and this white tee fit all of the criteria and are so comfy that the reason the tee is wrinkled in these photos is because i slept in it the night before. they are currently offering a special 15% off discount on the skirt + shirt pack (a deal already on its own!) with the code: SKIRTSHIRT. hope you snag a pack because that’s a steal!


  1. LOVE wellen women! I just received their peace tee – it’s unbelievably comfy. Good things come in hand-lettered packages.

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