DIY SEA SALT FACIAL SCRUB | JAYADORESDIY SEA SALT FACIAL SCRUB | JAYADORESDIY SEA SALT FACIAL SCRUB | JAYADORESi made these diy sea salt facial scrubs as favors for my sister’s baby shower and with valentine’s day right around the corner, i thought these would make a perfect last minute gift for your girlfriends! they are super easy to make and only require 2 ingredients: coconut oil (i used the jar from trader joe’s) and himalayan sea salt (from here). i ordered some hexagon glass jars, wooden spoons, and designed some round labels. all you do is melt the coconut oil over the stove for about 2 minutes and then mix it into a big bowl with the sea salt. you want the texture to be a bit gritty. i made the mistake of pouring the mixture while it was still warm into the jars and i don’t recommend that. it cools and hardens in there and then you have to re-melt it to get it out. let the mixture cool for a few hours while it’s still in the bowl and every half hour or so, comb through it with a fork so you get the texture as seen above. one 5 pound bag of the salt and one jar of the coconut oil yielded 25 4 oz jars. happy almost valentine’s day!

    • Amazing contrast! Like many others, I adore the conlbestobes, but traffic seems more chaotic in the older image! I can't believe I am saying that! Maybe the sealed road just gives the illusion of order!

    • Do you mind sharing the ratio of coconut oil to sea salt? I was thinking about 2 table spoons coconut oil for every 8 ounces of sea salt? Thanks so much, these are lovely!


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