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i’m a sucker for a deal. i rarely buy anything full price and i love a good sale rack. buying little things for around the house is one of my favorite things to do and these are a few things i brought home with me recently that didn’t break the bank.

west elm copper cook’s tools | our kitchenware is quite the hodgepodge of a collection that i already had from living on my own before we got married. nothing matches and and most of it is looking a bit aged. when i saw these tools were only $7 each (and free shipping!), i got one of each.

world market marble utensil holder | okay, so this isn’t on sale, but if you sign up for their explorer rewards program, they send you 10% off coupons a lot and hey, that helps. it sits pretty on the counter and now my copper tools have a nice little home.

west elm throw | our house is freezing in the morning and nights and i sit with a blanket around me all day while i work. for $10, i love this throw a lot. funny how things get cuter as they get cheaper.

gold scissors | these aren’t the OG ginghers, but they are a really great pair of scissors (and pretty too) for only 10 bucks!

 happy shopping!


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  2. oh my goodness, these are all amazing finds and such good deals! i might have to pick up that throw and those scissors! thanks for sharing, i’ve been looking for a decently priced pair for quite some time :)

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