Ellay Films

you guys!! i’m so incredibly excited to announce the OFFICIAL launch of my sister’s and my new film company, ELLAY FILMS! we have been working so hard on making our company come to life over the past year and could not be more thrilled that this day is finally here. film has been a part of our lives since our dad taught us how to work a camcorder when we were little so it’s a dream come true to be business partners pursuing our shared passion! i also had a blast doing our branding and designing our site and all of our marketing collateral (more on that coming soon!). check out our new site HERE, like our facebook page HERE, and follow us on instagram HERE!

*and a huge, huge thank you to my talented brother-in-law who developed our site!

  1. so so excited for you guys! I’ll be watching all the videos multiple times tonight! also I think you need to make playlists – you always have the best music in your videos!

  2. are you kidding me!?!?!?! i LOVE the name! like seriously i’m obsessed with how unique it is!! don’t be surprised if you get some east coast inquires; i’m sending all my engaged friends to your site. congrats ladies – the site is gorgeous.

    • thanks sammy! we would love to come to the east coast! if you know any friends getting married in need of a videographer…. :)

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