STYLISH SWEATS | JayAdoreswhoever decided that sweatpants are now considered a stylish piece of clothing (and perfectly acceptable to be worn out in public), i want to be your bff. since i started working from home, i live in sweats 24/7. i know many people feel more productive if they get dressed, but for me, wearing pajamas is the biggest perk of working from home! lately my daily getup has consisted of an atrocious pair of old college sweats (super baggy and suuperrr flattering) so i have decided i should start “investing” in my work uniform. i still want to be wearing sweats of some variety (hello, comfort!), but these options just feel fancier and a whole lot more fashionable. i’m not sure i can justify the price tag of a few of these, but i can dream!

isabel marant for h&m | steven alan | j. crew (bummed these are sold out!) | zara

  1. Aw, but I love those UCSB sweats! I can actually see you in them in my minds eye right now! I still rock mine all the time…Ferry loves it. You’re so cute. xoxox

  2. Yes!! I’ve been dreaming about these j.crew gems daily for some time now. They were going to be my “uniform upgrade” too! So nice to hear I’m not the only work-from-home comfort queen!! xo

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