yesterday i shared my photo diary recap of designer vaca and today i’m sharing another recap…in video form! i didn’t really start filming until midway through the weekend (plus i felt i should get comfortable with people before i shoved my camera in their face), so it’s pretty short and sweet. enjoy!

  1. Jaymee! This is so awesome!! I love that you captured the memories from the trip in video form. It’s making me wish we were all still at Designer Vaca right now!! You’re SO talented.

  2. Girl! You are amazing!! Love seeing all the fun things you’re up to, looks like it was a great weekend! <3 you!!

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  5. Oh I’m so late to the party! This is amazing! you captured it so well. you killed it girl. so talented! Loved meeting you and watching you do your thang at DV. And I absolutely loved your energy. I hope we get the chance to collab soon :)

  6. AWESOME video. great work, jaymee!!

    Just found your blog today via smitten studio online (sarah) and am going through it all and completely in love! your wedding save-the-date video was awwwwwesome and i’m going through your wedding posts now (love love love!!).

    keep up the great blogging, you’re officially a daily stop for me now :P

  7. just stumbled across your blog today and it’s just perfect! OUT OF CURIOSITY, WOULD LOVE TO KNOW HOW YOU SHOT THIS (CAMERA, SETTINGS, MAYBE EVEN HOW YOU EDITED, ETC). i record footage on my camera but i swear that when i upload the videos, the quality is so degraded that it doesn’t look hd at all. Maybe a post/tutorial?

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