this is a little snippet of life lately.  lots of coffee.  and lots of catching up on sleep in our big ol’ comfy bed.  my body is currently on the wonkiest of schedules.  when reis was on night call a few weeks ago, i aligned my work schedule with his and pulled lots of all nighters.   now i’m trying to get on an early morning schedule and off of my nocturnal regimen.  i’ve seen the four AM hour a few times too many and it often results in sluggish mornings and a daily nap time.  naps are great, but they definitely make me feel unproductive and quite lazy in the middle of the day (they are so necessary for my functionality, though!).  the past few days have been on the up and up and i’ve been starting my work day at 7!  so hoooooray!  i’m hoping i can keep this up and the night owl in me will call it quits around the midnight hour.  oh freelance life, how i love you so.

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