OUR WEDDING DAY | part three.

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last wedding post, i promise!!

our reception was FUN (kinda freezing, but fun!).  we wanted it to be a party and not super formal and we are so happy it turned out to be just that!  the barn was a pretty blank slate to work with and left lots of room for scheming and dreaming.  thanks to my amazing parents and friends who put up with my schemes and dreams, there was a wholeee lotta DIY going on in the months leading up to our big day.  i would create extremely detailed mock-ups of ideas for the barn [in hawaii], send them to my parents [in california], and they would get to work and send us pictures of the progress!  they’re pretty dang awesome.  i really wish i could have been a bigger part of the making/crafting aspect of our wedding (more than just the week before!), but the logistics of us being here and our wedding being there made that kind of impossible.  we are so grateful to my parents, however, who spent countless hours laboring over and perfecting everything.  my mom made all of the marquee lighting, the fringe tassles, the curtains for the barn, and my dad handcrafted those edison bulb chandeliers!

it was fun to add personal touches and things that felt really “us” into our wedding day.  coffee has been a big part of reis and my relationship which is why we had coffee escort cards/favors and a coffee bar.  (p.s. our good friend tiana drew all of those menus!  she is a crazy talented artist!).  between undergrad, his med school, my old job, and studying for my cpa exam, we’ve practically lived in coffee shops for a good portion of the past 5 years.

our wedding day really was magical and amazing and all those cliche words that people use when describing their wedding.  it was everything we imagined and a whole lot more.  we are so SO thankful and appreciative for everyone that made our day a reality.  we are still blown away by everyone who helped make it our dream day and for all of the constant love and support that we receive from our family and our friends.

beyond all of the fun details of the day itself, for us, our wedding day really was about the celebration of God joining us together as one in Him.  marriage is such a sweet gift and i feel blessed that i’m experiencing it with a really amazing guy.  we have had so much fun the past 5+ months as newlyweds and are looking forward to lots of new + exciting adventures in the months (and years) to come!  cheers to forever with my loverman reis!  thanks for marrying me!

oh and if you missed our wedding video, check it out HERE!  ryan mcduff did a pretty amazing job!

*photos by annie mcelwain

  1. You did an amazing job planning everything, down to the very last detail despite all the distance! Absolutely love the photos + details. Definitely hope to plan a wedding as beautiful as yours someday! (:

  2. beautiful! the amount of energy it must have taken to plan this from a distant is beyond me! what an inspiration! but maybe it helps when you have a great guy and a great fam supporting you! love it!

  3. aww Jaymee that was so cute that you said thanks to Reis for Marrying you. He is a super lucky guy that you married him, and visa versa I’m sure.

  4. LOVE your Marquee lighting, the fringe tassles, and the curtains! Your mom totally rocks. What tutorial did your mom use? would you mind sharing?

    Thank you!

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