OUR WEDDING DAY | part two.

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since our guests had to arrive pretty early (they had to take turns being shuttled in since our venue didn’t have guest parking), we needed to give them something to do while they waited.  instead of a traditional guestbook, i made various black and white postcards for guests to write us a note or give us a piece of marriage advice.  along with little snacks and lemonade, our programs were a 4 page newspaper spread filled with mini blurbs on our bridal party, the night’s itinerary, a thank you, and a sodoku + crossword puzzle that helped keep people occupied!  our wedding was a dream design job for me.  i went to town on anything and everything i could possibly create!  snack bag labels and  custom pencils were  totally unnecessary, but i just couldn’t help myself with the little details.  instagram also kept  people busy and i loved looking through the #jaymeeandreis hashtag the next day to see all of the different shots people got from the night!  if you are getting married soon and are on the insta-train, i highly recommend you create a wedding hashtag.  it’s so much fun!

our ceremony was fairly short, but the most meaningful part of the day for both of us.  having our good friend from hawaii officiate the ceremony made it really personal and we wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.  we have so much respect for him and his own marriage and it meant a lot for him marry us.  thanks, christian!

the cocktail hour was held on the grassy area below the bluffs overlooking the ocean.  we were blessed with the most gorgeous weather (no wind!) and our guests got to watch an incredible sunset right before the reception.  it was such a dream day!

*photos by annie mcelwain


  1. Hi Jaymee! I’ve really enjoyed reading all your posts and the inspiration you’ve been sharing. Especially love all the details from your wedding! Thanks for sharing (:

  2. You wedding day was just perfection!! You did a fantastic job on EVERTHING girl. I hope one day to plan a wedding just as gorgeous ;) love the hashtag idea too!

  3. your wedding was absolutely beautiful!

    do you remember where you got the wire basket that held your programs? not sure if it’s vintage or not, but i’m looking for something similar for my upcoming wedding!

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