OUR WEDDING DAY | part one.


*photos by annie mcelwain

our wedding day was surreal.  i remember waking up feeling giddy with excitement that i was GETTING MARRIED!  after 5 years of dating (including 1 year of long distance), a move to hawaii, an engagement, and 9 busy months of trans-pacific planning, i couldn’t wait to finally marry the man that i’m crazy about and who makes me a better person.  he really makes life so much more fun and i’m so, so grateful for him!

everyone says “your wedding day goes by so fast” (and it really does), so i was determined to savor all of the special moments.  getting ready with all of my bridesmaids was one of my favorite parts of the day.  being surrounded by my best friends before one of the biggest moments of my life meant so much to me and i’m so glad i have these photos to always remember that morning.  i’ve mentioned this before, but my mom spent months sewing my dress by hand to fit me to perfection.  she helped put it on me and seeing it all come to fruition from a sketch was amazing and really special (THANKS MOM!).  it was everything i wanted in a dress and i still love everything about it, especially the back with those lace covered buttons!

reis and i chose to do a first look shoot and i’m so glad we did!  i definitely got butterflies before i walked up to him (like the kind i had when we went on our first few dates..those days were so fun!) and we just hugged each other and laughed and smiled.  kinda cheeseball, but after all, it was our wedding day!!

tomorrow and wednesday i have two more posts on our ceremony and reception and then i pinky promise #jaymeeandreis is done.

  1. bahahah long live j&R! I don’t mind. fun seeing these Cuz I don’t think i ever clicked through every one in the gallery. My Fave is you touching Cole (Heatha’s belly). And second: you laughing with reis in the first look. presh.

  2. awwww looking at these pictures bring me back to what a wonderful day it was! love these pictures jay. once again i’ll tell you …you looked absolutely gorgeous. #jaymeeandreisforever

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