CIRCLE ISLAND no. 02 | leonard’s bakery.


whenever people visit us here on oahu, we usually take them to leonard’s bakery during their stay.  i might be one of the few people on this planet that actually doesn’t care for malasadas (those sugary fried dough balls pictured above)…only because i’m more of a chocolate-with-rainbow-sprinkles-donut kind of girl.  however, that doesn’t stop me from introducing our guests to this bakery since 99% of the population really love these glorified donuts.  (i personally take more interest in their cute pink boxes for their good design!)  a few things to note: you may wait in a pretty long line if you come here because tour buses drop people off here in loads throughout the day.  but if you go early in the morning, you might have a better chance of avoiding the crowds and getting a super fresh (and super hot!) malasada.  enjoy!

  1. Um- did I read that correctly? You don’t like malasadas??

    oh my word.

    I can’t even express my shock properly because your comment box automatically changes my text to caps.

    love love love me some leonard’s- especially malasadas with haupia filling- YUMMmm!

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