OUR WEDDING | shine blow dry bar with the bridesmaids.

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have you guys ever gotten a blowout at the dry bar?  well, the santa barbara equivalent is a salon called shine blow dry bar and it’s where all of my bridesmaids had their hair done the morning of our wedding.  the appointments started pretty early in order to fit all 9 of them in so it was a good thing they served coffee.  one thing for sure is that they do a really good job of pampering you there.  i went and hung out with them for awhile and the sweet stylists made me a mimosa that i sipped on before i headed back to the house to get my hair + makeup done.  we had the whole salon to ourselves since they don’t open until noon on sundays and i just loved the whole experience!

*once we get our professional photos, i’ll be doing just a few more wedding posts.  ha, SORRY if you are getting sick of our wedding!  these posts are actually serving as my digital scrapbook so i can remember our special weekend in more detail than i’m sure my memory will allow in the years to come.

**happy friday and happy weekend!

  1. Yay I love the wedding posts!! But if you were a stranger I probably would be tired of LOoking at us, good thing I’m not! Xoxo with blueberries on top

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