OUR WEDDING | the day before.

Jaymee + Reis Wedding WeekendJaymee + Reis Wedding Weekend

the weekend of our wedding, my parents rented a house in montecito for our family and my bridesmaids.  it was really fun to have everyone all together and to have a place where out of town guests could hang out (we had an ice cream party here after the rehearsal dinner!).  saturday before the wedding consisted of a morning starbucks run with my dad, a [heart-shaped] pancake breakfast, manicures + pedicures, a bridesmaids’ lunch at paradise cafe, and my bachelorette party (yes, the night before the wedding)!  meanwhile, the groomsmen were on a day-long hunt for shoes to wear the next day at the wedding, ha!  oh boys.  it all worked out because they ended up finding a major steal on vans shoes that not only had enough pairs AND in everyone’s size, but were only $10!

it was pretty awesome to be surrounded by my best friends in one place at one time because 1) they are all from different phases of my life (some family, some high school, some college) and 2) we all live pretty far apart from each other.  it was also fun to see how well everyone got along!  i totally knew they would, but it’s just cool seeing all of your best friends having a great time hanging out together.  bridal parties are usually a mix of friends, so i love when everyone bonds and it’s just one bff-fest all weekend long!  they sure did an over-the-top job of spoiling me that weekend and making me feel super special.  i am indeed blessed to have such amazing friends and i am grateful for each and every one of them!

*photos mostly by janelle, some by me & my sis – thanks again janelle for being my weekend photog!

  1. My favorite part of the day are these blog posts, keep at it! Tomorrow I have to wake up at 530! Does this post count for Wednesday or Thursday?

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