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morningglass6 morningglass7 morningglass12today i introduce you to morning glass, yet another one of my frequented coffee shops on the island.  when laura was here, we went two days in a row because it’s just that good.  plus, it’s located in a cute little area tucked away in manoa valley.  the biggest perk here is that they serve stumptown coffee…which in my opinion, is reason enough to go back multiple times in one week.  i believe they are one of the few cafes on oahu to serve that delicious brew and so it makes it a special treat when i go!  their food is also pretty delicious.  i am partial to the scones, but that’s just because i have a major sweet tooth.  my all time favorite drink on the menu is their iced vanilla latte.  i kinda want one right now just typing + dreaming about it.  they make their own vanilla in-house and i give it 10 stars out of 5.  so check this place out if you are in need of a good cup of joe and a cozy atmosphere.  not gonna lie, you might find me there later today.  i’ve successfully given myself a major craving.

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