WORK IT OUT | turbo kickboxing + body pump.

TKBBODYPUMPturbo kick boxing is probably my #1 favorite work out.  i mean, i love zumba, but TKB makes me feel like i’m getting SUPER fit.  lots of upbeat music, cross-jab-hook-uppercut sequences, kicking, and jumping equate to me working up a major sweat in every class i take!  i’ve been doing it since high school (so almost 11 years! gah i feel old!) and i still really enjoy it.  i actually was certified to teach in college, but then never had time to actually teach so it expired…boo hoo.  if you take the class for your first time, it’s easy to get overwhelmed because there is a lot of choreography — but after a few times, it’s easy to pick up!

body pump is a class i recently started going to because i wanted to do some strength training and i am way too lazy to push myself on my own (and i’m intimidated by all of the meatheads in the weight section at the gym).  this class burns, but in the best way possible.  ya know, the good kind of hurt after you’ve been lifting barbells, free weights, using bands, and doing lots of push ups.

for both of these classes, i wear something similar to the outfit above.  i don’t like loose tops or pants for these classes cause it’s easier to move in more fitted gear.  i highly recommend those nike capris – i have a similar pair that janelle gave me my junior year of college for my birthday.  even after wearing them about 2x per week (and obvs washing them after every wear) since 2008, they are STILL going strong.

headband/tank top/capris/shoes

  1. I say this all of the time, but I’m deathly afraid to attend the BodyPump classes at my gym! I just haven’t had a lot of experience with weights and there’s so many transitions. Eeep! I should go and give a try since it burns in the good way. :) Love kick boxing! There’s nothing better to get out pent up aggression! Cute outfit!

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