freelance thoughts | i’m a night owl.

freelancenightowlso i’m a total night owl.  always have been.  i get it from my mom.  i can call her at midnight hawaii time and there is a 99% chance she will still be up in california time.  i am the most productive between the hours of 10 pm and 2 am.  i can’t help it!  but there is also nothing i love more than being a morning person.  a 6:30 am run or workout class is my absolute favorite way to start the day off…but when i go to bed at 3 am, it’s highly likely that i’m going to be hittin’ that snooze button when my alarms goes off at 5:45.  i get on little spurts…a few days being a morning person and then a few weeks being a night owl.  i want to consistently be on a morning schedule, but i just can’t turn down those late night hours of creativity!  any other freelancers out there that have this same issue?  what do you do?  how can i be more productive during the daytime?  help help!

  1. I cannot agree more with you! I feel awake and energized to get work done at night, while I feel more productive getting an early start on a day… I try to balance it out by getting in bed by 11 p.m. by the lastest. Therefore, I can do what I want from 8 to 11 and still wake up at 6 a.m. without feeling like a zombie!

  2. I’m having the same problem! I was always an early riser growing up, but have found in the past 6 months or so that I get on a roll later in the evening and can’t seem to stop until it’s some ridiculous hour! I hate sleeping in because it makes me feel like I’m wasting my day, but it’s sort of hard not to when you need the sleep. I’d love to know if anyone else has a good way to balance this! :)

  3. I am the SAME way! I am trying to get more into the morning routine though. The more consistent I am about getting up early the harder it is to stay up late. BUT if a late night creativity surge hits I have a hard time ignoring it!

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