road trip to big sur | part I.

bigsur2bigsur15 bigsur3bigsur37bigsur29bigsur32bigsur8bigsur1bigsur34 bigsur9bigsur16 bigsur10 bigsur11bigsur31 bigsur12 bigsur13a few days after christmas, we road tripped to big sur with bradley and taylor.  road tripping is something i miss living in hawaii so we took full advantage of our opportunities in the golden state.  we packed up our warmest blankets, beanies, snoods, eskimo hats, uggs (NO SHAME HERE…i live in these when i come back to california in the winter!), fur-lined jackets, and hiking shoes for the 6 hour drive.  we stopped in cambria for breakfast along the way and oh my gosh – that town is so cute!  i’d never been before and it’s full of cute cafes and little shops.  definitely worth a stop for anyone heading up the 1.

big sur is BREATHTAKING.  the drive alone is pretty surreal — the carved out mountainside actually reminded us a lot of cinque terre in italy!  we stopped at julia pfeiffer burns state park and hiked around for a few hours before the sun went down (sidenote:  i might be the worst hiker ever.  forging rivers isn’t really my thing).  the redwoods are on another level HUGE, banana slugs are in abundance, and the waterfalls are kinda super cool too.  nature is pretty unreal sometimes, huh?  part II on wednesday!

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