italian honeymoon photo diary | florence.

florence17 florence19 florence31 florence28 florence3 florence21 florence4 florence7 florence9 florence10florence22 florence13 florence14 florence29 florence35 florence16 florence30 florence36florence2 florence18 florence15florence20florence40florence45the last stop of our trip (*tear) was florence and it was so much fun to be in a bustling city!  tuscany and cinque terre were both fairly quiet and mellow, lake como was pretty mellow but a little more city-like, and florence was pure CITY.  our hotel was super modern and artsy and hip and located 2 steps away from the arno river — i highly recommend this place!  as i’m sure you can tell by the photos, we spent most of our time in florence shopping, eating, more eating, more shopping, sight-seeing, and lots of walking.  they have the coolest vintage shops sprinkled all throughout the city and we attempted to find as many as we could because old italian stuff is just really cool.  another thing i absolutely loved was all of the neat signage and typography around the city.  (it’s so nice to be inspired outside of pinterest and blogs for a change.)

i am pretty surprised that we managed to get by on our whole trip by knowing approximately 6 words of italian.  (americans are spoiled – everyone else in the world knows english!).  this was also the longest consecutive amount of time reis and i have spent together just the two of us and we had the BEST time.  we are so thankful, blessed, and fortunate we were able to go on such an incredible honeymoon.  i can’t wait to travel more with him and we already know we want our next european venture to be france and amsterdam…saving our pennies until then!

  1. All of these honeymoon pictures have been wonderful to look at. I went to Florence, Italy back in November of 2007 so I am glad to see your photos of this city.

    Florence was one of my favorites to walk through.

    • Halle: Pasa que quiero postear todos los días hábiles de la semana, y no quería no postear hoy, de por si la semana que viene va a ser complicada con los exámenes y no creo poder ha2odlo&#8c30;Salures

  2. February but no one visited until May). What a shame! You honestly believe bears just got daunerogs in May after all these years? No, shooter just got jumpy.

  3. solche fische oida, sie haben beide kein König und kein Ass oida und betten trotzdem rein oida, heast ich spiel in Praterstern oida, dort sind die besten Spieler auf der Welt oida! Amerikaner sind alles Fische oida!

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