italian honeymoon photo diary | bellagio, lake como.

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*i don’t know what it is about me and publishing blog posts before i’m done!  woops.

during our stay in como we went across the lake to bellagio to take a cooking class!  it was really fun learning how to make homemade pasta and pretending like i was gourmet for a day using fancy spices like saffron.  we got to enjoy the meal we prepared for lunch and it was delicious.  it was rewarding to be eating the fruits of our labor…even though the chef definitely did most of the work while we watched and listened.

the whole town of bellagio is on a slope and you have to walk up and down cobblestone steps to get everywhere.  reis fell in love with those little fiat cars and i swear he would have shipped one back to hawaii if we had the money.  everywhere you turn in bellagio is picture-worthy.  the views of the lake were so stunning and majestic we couldn’t stop staring…or snapping photos.  the water looked creamy and buttery and the backdrop of the snow-capped swiss alps was majorly swoon-worthy.  last stop: florence!

  1. Hi your photos here are amazing! We’re planning our honeymoon for next year and looking to buy a camera now and I just wondered what camera you use please? Spotted your lovely new husband with a camera in one of these photos but I couldn’t tell what camera it was. Thank you very much xx

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