our wedding video.

our wedding day really was the best day of our lives — so cliché, but so true.  and we are so ecstatic that the entire day was captured on film by ryan mcduff of mcduff productions.  he is a truly amazing videographer and we highly recommend him!!  he made us feel really comfortable the entire day, is super professional (and not to mention extremely talented!!), and is just the nicest guy.  he was so kind to have edited our video in less than 2 weeks so we could show it at our hawaii reception!  we love everything about it.  and i have definitely watched it in the triple digits by now…i can’t help but re-live that day over and over again!

we hope you enjoy!

  1. I don’t usually write comments on blog posts but couldn’t NOT write a comment on this one. It was beautiful. Congratulations on your wedding!

  2. Congratulations, Jaymee! I don’t know if you remember me from high school, but I absolutely loved that video. We didn’t get a videographer for our wedding and now I wish we did, that was absolutely beautiful! It took me several weeks (months?) to finally relax and not feel like I was still planning a wedding and super stressed! My advice to you now? Get ready with some sort of witty response to all the baby questions. Once you’re married people will seriously ask. A lot. Congrats again, you looked beautiful!

    • yes aileen i remember you! hello hello! thank you so much for the sweet words! haha and seriously! we are already fielding lots of baby questions :)

  3. Oh my heavens this is perfection. So sweet. It’s like a movie – I could watch it over and over! How awesome to have this to relive your incredible day by forever. They did an amazing job, Reis is adorable, and you of course are gorgeous. xo

    • you are the sweetest! seriously, your comments always make me smile. so THANK YOU! and yes, i loving having it to relive that day over and over (and over and over) again! :)

  4. ry and i just watched it again! gosh it’s beautiful. LOVE. i’m really into that skinny love song now..it’s just so light and perfect sounding with the footage. ry was definitely dancing when you guys were. seriously perfect day!

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      • Härligt, man unnnar honom verkligen all framgÃ¥ng. Skön lirare! :)Vad tror du förresten om Andreas Engqvists chanser att komma hem till DIF till nästa säsong? Vore ju en drmÃesp¶lare men samtidigt har han väl ett Ã¥r kvar pÃ¥ sitt kontrakt sÃ¥ ärligt talat tycker jag han ska spela klart det kontraktet där borta innan han tar nytt beslut, menmen, drömma kan man ju. :)Jojo

  6. Ohemgee!
    My work computer would not let me watch the video, so I watched it on my Iphone (just now) and came back to my work computer to write this.

    You, my dear, was the perfect image of a gorgeous bride! I loved your dress!! Reis just seems so laid back and calm all the time and his dance moves were pretty legit as well – Congrats for the 1000th time, you two! I am so happy for you, seriously.

    P.S. I teared up a bit.

  7. So very beautiful Jaymee! What a lovely bride you were! Wishing you and Reis many Blessings as you begin your lives together! God is Good! :)

  8. This is pretty much the best thing ever to have for a keepsake. I agree Rei’s moves owned the floor. I am SO happy for you, lady. Congratulations!!

  9. Ya’lls video is amazing! Such a gorgeous wedding that showed two people very much in love. Do you know what the songs are the videographer used throughout the video?
    Thanks and CONGRATS!!!

  10. Jaymee! Just wanted to say congratulations to both you and Reis. Your wedding video is beyond beautiful and your blog is amazing. Hope married life is treating you two well. xx

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