sweet november.

image of vernazza (one of our stops in italy) via

november will pretty much be the BEST MONTH OF MY ENTIRE LIFE.  i am getting married to my best friend.  we leave for ITALY (!!!) on our honeymoon the day after our wedding.  then we fly back to hawaii 10 days later and our north shore reception will be held in reis’ parent’s backyard 2 days after thanksgiving!  and my whole family is flying out for it too!!  i can’t believe it’s all coming up so quick!  so much to do – so little time!  but i am enjoying every single minute of it.  it’s so weird — i want the next two months to fly by so it can be here already, yet i want it to go super slow so i have more time to do everything i want/need to do for both our CA wedding and our HI reception.   i am trying to blog as often as i can (which obviously isn’t happening) just so i can re-live this special time in my life when i’m feeling nostalgic.  but dang…time is of the essence and any of it that i do have is spent crafting, scheming, and designing (three of my favorite things!).  so considering wedding stuff will be taking over my life (plus 2 more trips to california before the wedding), this will probably become “my wedding diary” blog for the next 2 months.  hope you’re okay with that.

  1. Cinque terre will be so, so amazing! My boyfriend and I went there early on in our relationship and it really sealed the deal. definitely do the hike through all 5 towns if you have the time :)

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