kimberlee’s baby brunch: part I.

i am ALL about the little details when it comes to throwing parties.  i think they make a world of difference and just add that extra special touch to kick things up a notch.  i’d say this baby brunch was full of the little details which made it oh-so-fun to photograph!

my mom always taught us from an early age that “guests don’t leave our house hungry”…suffice to say we have carried that with us to our party throwing endeavors.  diane was in charge of 95% of the food (taylor made the delicious blueberry and lemon poppyseed muffins!) and hot dang, she did a FABULOUS job making mostly everything from scratch with presentation that was absolutely impeccable!!!  even down to the cute mini yogurt parfait cups which looked so cute with the little glitter heart toothpicks (shown here).  since it was a brunch, we hired espresso one to set up a coffee bar for our guests, complete with a barista, so we could have our own personal starbucks in the backyard with an unlimited amount of drinks (they will also be at my wedding!).  a whole menu of drinks was available — including ice blendeds which were perfect on that scorcher of a day.  up next: the mimosa bar and more of the little details!

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