sunday dinner.

i am loving this whole “doesn’t get  dark til after 7″ thing.  reis and i went to diamond head market & grill last night for dinner and it felt like summer!  it’s close to my house and has really good fresh, local food.  or you can buy stuff inside the market to take to go.  yum yum.

p.s.  can you believe it’s april??  what the heck?  i swear it was just january and i was in california for new years’s eve.  but this means that there are only 2 more weeks until tax season is officially OVER.  and amen to that because i am struggling.  so much stress, so little time.  i am super excited to get my life back to normal and have saturdays free again!  my skin is looking way too pale from being trapped inside all day and i cannot wait to camp out at the beach  let the countdown begin!

  1. Hang in there, kiddo! Just a little bit longer until you get your oh-so-busy life back…and will finally be able to thoroughly enjoy wedding planning. :-)

  2. Ohhhh that salad looks really good :) just keep reminding yourself that as soon as these 2 weeks are over you get your life back!! The thought of being on the beach right now sounds amazing…

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